Christmas and New Years Opening Hours

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Banyo Clinic will remain open every day except Christmas Day.

Banyo Clinic Hours

Friday 22nd December    7am – 5pm
Saturday 23rd December  8am – 1pm
Sunday 24th December    9am – 12pm
Monday 25th December    Closed
Tuesday 26th December   9am – 12pm
Wednesday 27th December 7am – 5pm
Thursday 28th December  7am – 7pm
Friday 29th December    7am – 6pm
Saturday 30th December  8am – 1pm
Sunday 31st December    9am – 12pm
Monday 1st January      9am – 12pm
Tuesday 2nd January     7am – 7pm

After Hours Services will be available for the times we are not open, plus more! If you require an after hours doctor, please contact Hello Home Doctor here  or by calling 134 100.


Hello Home Doctor Hours

Sunday 24th December    24 hours
Monday 25th December    24 hours
Tuesday 26th December    24 hours
Wednesday 27th December from 6pm
Thursday 28th December   from 6pm
Friday 29th December     from 6pm
Saturday 30th December   from midday
Sunday 31st December    24 hours
Monday 1st January      24 hours
Tuesday 2nd January     from 6pm

The Hello Home Doctor Service Call Centre is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.