45-49 Year Old Bulk Billed Health Check

Did you know that 90% of Australian adults had a least one, and 44% had at least three, modifiable chronic disease risk factors? These risk factors may lead to chronic health conditions such as cancers, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes and mental health conditions.

If you are aged 45-49 years of age, you may be eligible to receive a bulk billed health check-up to help you identify these risks and make changes to improve your health and prevent diseases.

What are some of the Risk Factors for Chronic Disease?

• Smoking
• Excessive alcohol use
• Excessive weight
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Inactive lifestyle
• Excessive stress
• Excessive sun exposure
• Family history of chronic disease such as cancers (e.g. skin, bowel, breast and prostate cancers), diabetes and heart disease

What should I expect at a 45-49 year old health check-up?

You will initially be assessed by one of our experienced chronic disease management nurses – a detailed assessment (including discussion and examination) will be made to identify whether you may have any existing conditions and what your risk factors are. Information will be provided to you for your overall risks (e.g. low, average and high) for developing chronic diseases such as:

• Cancers – Breast, prostate, skin, bowel
• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• Osteoporosis
• Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety
• And other conditions

You will then see your GP to discuss these findings with you, and a written report including recommendations to improve your health and reduce your risk will be provided to you. Recommendations may include:

• Ways to change your risk factors by lifestyle changes and natural means (e.g. exercise, dietary advice and supplements such as fish oil tablets.)
• If any further testing is required (e.g. Cholesterol tests, or diabetes blood tests)
• Or if any conditions are identified, any treatments required.

Due to the comprehensive nature of this health check, please allow approximately 1 hour in clinic to complete the whole assessment.
Please contact reception on 07 3267 5088 should you wish to book in for a 45-49 year old health check or if you would like to speak with one of our friendly chronic disease management nurses for further information.

Bulk Billed 45-49yo Health Assessments

(SmallBanner280x80) 45-49yo Health Assessment

As part of our commitment  to your ongoing healthcare, Banyo Clinic is currently offering bulk billed health checks for all eligible  patients between the ages of 45 – 49 years.

Many chronic illnesses such as diabetes and  heart disease can be prevented by early detection and management of risk factors such as high blood pressure, obesity, family history and smoking. This health assessment helps to identify and address the risk factors to reduce your risk of developing chronic disease.

During your bulk billed appointment which will take approximately 1hr, our nurse will carry out a comprehensive evaluation including  urinalysis, blood pressure check, glucose & cholesterol levels along with other health and lifestyle factors.

If you would like to take advantage of this bulk billed assessment please contact our friendly reception staff on 3267 5088 and advise that you would like to make an appointment for the 45 – 49 year old Health Assessment and they will arrange  suitable  time. Alternatively an online appointment can be booked  with our RN, Vicky Shaw by visiting our website www.banyoclinic.com.au  .

If you would like to know more about any of this information please don’t hesitate to discuss it with your regular GP at your next appointment.

Chronic Disease Management Plans | Health Assessments

Small Banner (280x80) Chronic Disease Management

Banyo Clinic recognises the impact and challenges faced by individuals with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiac disease, and asthma. We aim to provide complete care for individuals with chronic disease through provisions of health assessments, ongoing care plans and team care arrangements with allied health professionals and specialists.

Health assessments are also recommended for those at risk of chronic diseases so that steps can be put into place to reduce that risk – individuals at risk may include persons over the age of 75, persons of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island Descent, and persons 45-49 years of age with underlying risk factors such as family history and/ or poor lifestyle.

To assists in delivering these services to our patients, we would like to welcome back Vicky as our Chronic Disease Management Nurse. Vicky will work alongside our doctors to ensure that our patients with Chronic Diseases are cared for, by regular assessments, coordination of allied health services, and provision of tools and resources to assist in improving our patients’ quality of life and management of their condition. Vicky will also be able to advise you as to whether you may quality for these Medicare funded management plans and health assessments.

Banyo Clinic also recognizes the time and financial costs to individuals coping with chronic conditions. As such, eligible health assessments and chronic disease management plans are BULK BILLED.

Medicare rebates for allied health services (such as for physiotherapy, dieticians and podiatrist) may also be available through GP chronic disease management plans (eligibility criteria may apply) completed through this clinic. Please contact Vicky or reception on 07 3267 5088 or use the online booking tab to arrange an appointment with your doctor.

Join the Petition against Medicare Cuts

Medicare Cuts

Join the Petition against Medicare Cuts – The federal government has elected to cut patient rebates from Medicare by up to $25 per consultation from 19 January 2015, meaning patients will pay more. This will reduce access to quality health care for everyday Australians and negatively impact on the health of our nation.

In effect, the government has targeted the most effective component of Australian health care and risks the well-being of you and your family.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners have started an online petition on change.org to give voice to GPs and patients around the country, to let the government know that this is not acceptable.

If you would like to support Banyo Clinic and GP’s across the country in protecting the health of everyday Australians, please sign the online petition available on the here, and let our politician know that your health, that of your families, and a viable healthcare system is what matters most.

Improving Indigenous Health

Currently, health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders still lack when compared with that of non-Indigenous people in Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are more likely to experience chronic, preventable illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.

As part of the Australian Government ‘Closing the Gap’ strategy, the government has implemented a number of health programs tailored to the needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to improve chronic condition management and improve access to affordable health care and medications.

If you are Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander, you may be eligible for the CTG program. You must have a chronic illness or be at risk of a chronic illness.  If you are unsure if this applies to you, discuss this with your doctor.

For those who are eligible for the CTG program, there are benefits available to you. These include prescription medications at a reduced price and eligibility for 5 Medicare funded visits to an allied health professional.

Ensuring you receive the benefits you are entitled to under the CTG program is very simple. Please phone 07 3267 5088 and speak with one of our receptionists and tell them you would like to enroll in the program. They will arrange for a health assessment to be performed and the paperwork completed. You need to reapply for the program every 12 months.