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David Norris B.Occ. Thy David Norris, many years ago committed his professional career to the betterment of Older Australians’ lives. His was a vision of maximising abundance. As a result he continues to achieve a lot in his 12 years of Occupational Therapy:

✓    Dedicated Clinical History within various service environments committed to older workers and clients. Client presentations included: Neurological, Neurosurgical, Orthopaedic/ Musculoskeletal, Oncological and complex General Medical conditions

✓    Founder and Director of one of Australia’s innovative employment services for older Australians.

✓    Guest Advisor to National Governments on Older Worker Participation in the Workplace: Supporting advocacy activities of Older People Speak Out

✓    Media Commentator on Older Working Australians

✓    Principal Consultant to the National Media Awards on Ageing and Older Workers

A Queensland bred and trained Occupational Therapist, David has also provided Occupational Therapy within Public and Private Hospital,  Community, Rehabilitation sector for clients over the age of 45. He’s overseen and piloted Clinical Coordination and Development Strategies for the delivery of services to older people in QLD Health.  As well as,  championing the inaugural reward and recognition of health care practices for the older person’s within health and aged care sector of Southern QLD Health. Currently, he is supporter and contributor for not for profit services Older People Speak Out. A Member and advisor to the CCIQ workplace committee and has been an invited guest advisor to the Federal Treasurers Mature Age Workforce Participation Consultative Committee. This was in part via recognition of his work in the area of Older Workers and previous liaison roles with the Federal Government on projects such as the Golden Gurus: An initiative on how to tap experience for business gain.

Not only a 10 plus year registered Occupational Therapist., He’s performed roles such as principle healthcare ergonomics advisor, health project program leader, clinical care coordinator and health service planner. David is known often for his foresight as a strategist and developer of healthcare interventions for an ageing workforce. An accomplished writer, a former business owner of mature age employment services, a current speaker and workshop leader, he is regularly invited to present his insights to workplace manager forums and boutique seminars here in Queensland and Nationwide on how to plan, take action and manage workplaces for an ageing population. Please see your GP for a referral.