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Rory Dowdall – Owner & Principal Optometrist
DOG – Dowdall Optometry Group
Rory is a therapeutically endorsed Optometrist, who works for his mobile Optometry service at Dowdall Optometry Group, or DOG for short. The global pandemic provided us all with difficult new challenges and choices, and recognising the need to adapt to the ever-changing COVID world, Rory started a mobile optometry business to not only help himself through a tough financial period, but to bridge the gap between some of Australia’s most vulnerable communities and high-quality eye healthcare in 2020.
Today, Rory’s “side hustle” DOG, has grown into a full-time business serving over seven locations
across regional QLD, and expanding every day, with a view to enter into the metro Brisbane area.
Our group started out in Blackwater, central QLD, with a dodgy slit lamp and fundus camera, an
OCT and a cheap rental car, Now we have several vehicles, the latest SLO technology fundus
imaging, and associated links with GP clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and ophthalmologists right
across the regions we serve.
We regularly travel via Van to Birdsville, Bedourie, Blackwater, Chinchilla, Tara, St George, and
Agnes Water, to set up temporary full scope practices including Visual Field Analysis, OCT
Scanning, fundus imaging, and contact lens fitting. Without this, residents would have little to no
access to eye care – the alternative being to travel long distances, deterring many. DOG also offers a
solution for aged care residents who – in addition to the challenges of mobility and transport –
today face enormous health risks venturing into the community.
With Dowdall Optometry Group eye care services, you’ll never feel like just another number
waiting to be shuffled through for a quick check like you’d get in a high volume corporate practice,
we provide bespoke eye care which is tailored to suit the needs of every patient, because every pair
of eyes is unique! Our services include comprehensive eye exams for any age group, Paediatric
tailored eye exams and vision therapy (if required), therapeutic management of complex ocular
surface disease, Dry Eye management & “Eye Spa” service, monitoring of Cataracts, Glaucoma and
Diabetic Eye Disease, along with affordable prescription eyewear, sunglasses, certified safety
eyewear and contact lenses. We are also proud providers of the QLD Government MASS Spectacle
Supply Scheme for Health care and Pension card holders.
In his spare time Rory enjoys volunteer work, and has done stints with Homeless Connect in
Brisbane, as well as remote volunteer work on the Annapurna trail in Nepal. He also plays cricket
(badly), and is an avid follower of his favourite football team Leeds United.
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