The Federal Government is reducing its investment in your healthcare by freezing your Medicare Rebates. This means your Medicare rebates will remain the same until 1 July 2020, despite the cost of delivering healthcare services increasing.

The freeze is a co-payment by stealth and the Government has implemented this measure to reduce the amount it spends on all Medicare subsidised services, including general practice services.

You health is important. Please do not let the freeze on your Medicare rebates stop you from seeking the healthcare you need.

What does the Patient rebate indexation freeze mean for you? 

Current & previous governments have failed to regularly increase patient rebates. This means Medicare rebates have never kept pace with the cost of living & have never covered the true cost of delivering quality medical care. The freeze on Medicare rebates will negatively impact you and the sustainability of many general practices. To ensure that they can continue providing you with quality healthcare, while covering operational & business related costs, your practice may need to increase their fees and may even stop bulk billing patients.

Why has no one stopped this? 

Many GP’s & professional bodies, like the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), have lobbied extensively against the freeze on Medicare rebates since its announcement. Unfortunately, the Government has not listened & you are likely to face more out-of-pocket costs.

What can you do to influence the Government?

Join the RACGP’s You’ve been targeted campaign which aims to lift the freeze on your Medicare rebates. Go to the RACGP’S website: to access campaign material including a template letter you can send to your local political candidates demanding the freeze be lifted.

You can also follow the conversation on Twitter using the dedicated campaign hashtag #youvebeentargeted