Chronic Disease Management Plans | Health Assessments

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Banyo Clinic recognises the impact and challenges faced by individuals with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiac disease, and asthma. We aim to provide complete care for individuals with chronic disease through provisions of health assessments, ongoing care plans and team care arrangements with allied health professionals and specialists.

Health assessments are also recommended for those at risk of chronic diseases so that steps can be put into place to reduce that risk – individuals at risk may include persons over the age of 75, persons of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island Descent, and persons 45-49 years of age with underlying risk factors such as family history and/ or poor lifestyle.

To assists in delivering these services to our patients, we would like to welcome back Vicky as our Chronic Disease Management Nurse. Vicky will work alongside our doctors to ensure that our patients with Chronic Diseases are cared for, by regular assessments, coordination of allied health services, and provision of tools and resources to assist in improving our patients’ quality of life and management of their condition. Vicky will also be able to advise you as to whether you may quality for these Medicare funded management plans and health assessments.

Banyo Clinic also recognizes the time and financial costs to individuals coping with chronic conditions. As such, eligible health assessments and chronic disease management plans are BULK BILLED.

Medicare rebates for allied health services (such as for physiotherapy, dieticians and podiatrist) may also be available through GP chronic disease management plans (eligibility criteria may apply) completed through this clinic. Please contact Vicky or reception on 07 3267 5088 or use the online booking tab to arrange an appointment with your doctor.