Managing Asthma

Did you know ?? – Asthma is a condition affecting many Australians (1 in 10), related to sensitivity of the airways, leading to wheezing and difficulties breathing.  It can cause significant impairment to a person’s day to day function and reduce their quality of life. However, with appropriate assessments, management plans and medications – asthma can be effectively managed, with reduction of symptoms and impairment.

For those with moderate to severe asthma, it is recommended by the Department of Health that patients partake in an annual Asthma Cycle of Care.

The Asthma cycle of care is a plan developed by doctors to help you look after your asthma. You will need to visit your doctor at least twice a year. Your doctor will:

  • check your asthma
  • write you an asthma action plan
  • give you information about how to manage your asthma and
  • check how well your asthma medicine is working

If you are unsure about how well your asthma is controlled, you can try our Asthma Control Assessment Tool – this will give you an indication of how well your asthma is controlled and whether you may benefit from an asthma review or asthma cycle of care with your doctor.  You can also arrange a review of your asthma by booking online or ringing reception to make an appointment on 07 3267 5088.